Jon --

It may be the article setting. Does the cursor change to a hand with something 
that looks like an I-beam cursor inside it? Then when you click and the page 
zooms in a bit, does the hand now contain a downward-pointing arrow? And every 
time you click, the page moves in some way?

If so, what it's doing is zooming to an article. I believe this setting is 
supposed to make it easier to read documents like a newsletter with articles 
that jump around each other and from one page to another. You click on an 
article, the page zooms in to show you that single article, and then each time 
you click, it takes you to the next instance of that same article.  

To turn it off in any PDF you're reading, I suggest you pull up the help 
(sorry!) and do a search for "article". I suspect the instructions will be 
different between Acrobat and Reader and between version of both. In Acrobat V 
7; select the article tool (it's a curvy arrow), select View > Navigation Tabs 
> Articles, select any article that is in the list, and delete it.

You can also turn off that setting in Frame when you print a PS. 

To turn it off when you print a PS in Frame:

In the Print Document window, select Generate Acrobat Data.

Click the PDF Setup button.

On the Bookmarks tab, de-select the Articles checkbox. (You can see it has two 
options: Thread by Text Frame and Thread by Column. You don't want either one.)

I think the default PDF Setup has it turned on, so I try to always remember to 
look at it and make sure it's off. I have a handful of things I always 
check/fix when I make PDFs.

If the problem is something else entirely, I have no solution. :^)

Good luck,

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Hi all,

One thing that drives me crazy about acrobat and reader is that I get so many 
PDF files that zoom in whenever I click in the document window. It also happens 
on my own docs that I create. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I 
looked in the acrobat 7.0 pro Help and it only mentions the zoom toolbar. This 
occurs without even having the toolbar open.

How do I prevent docs from zooming in when I click on them?


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