Further to my earlier reply:

A new option introduced in Acrobat/Reader 8.0 lets you disable the 
activation of article threads when you click with the Hand tool:

Edit > Preferences, General, Basic Tools, turn off the "Make Hand tool read 
articles" option.

>Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006
>To: Jon Harvey <JHarvey at cambridgesoft.com>
>From: Shlomo Perets <shlomo2 at microtype.com>
>Subject: Re: prevent click zoom in acrobat and reader
>Cc: Framers at FrameUsers.com
>You wrote:
>>One thing that drives me crazy about acrobat and reader is that I get so
>>many PDF files that zoom in whenever I click in the document window. It
>>also happens on my own docs that I create. Is there a way to prevent
>>this from happening? I looked in the acrobat 7.0 pro Help and it only
>>mentions the zoom toolbar. This occurs without even having the toolbar
>>How do I prevent docs from zooming in when I click on them?
>If you see the down-pointing arrow inside the hand cursor, then this is 
>the Article feature. Very often "article threads" are present in PDFs as a 
>result of default settings, and cause more problems than the limited 
>benefits they may offer if defined correctly --  see 
>http://www.microtype.com/Hmmms.html#0406 ("Help! Acrobat article threads!").
>[ The limited functionality of articles in Acrobat was made even more 
>limited in Acrobat/Reader 7 by the new preference of "Enable text 
>selection for the Hand tool" ]
>To prevent articles from being created in PDFs, turn off "Articles" in the 
>Bookmarks tab in FrameMaker's PDF Setup dialog box.
>If the article thread is already present in the PDF, you can delete using 
>the Article tool in Acrobat.
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