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>I use FM 7.1 to publish XML documents to pdf.
>In the documents there are some internal cross references (ID/IDREF
>attributes are used for this purpose) to title-level elements and to
>basic paragraphs.
>All links seems to be correct in frame (no broken cross reference, I can
>always find source form a crossref)
>In the pdf setup I included the title-level pgf formats to 'Bookmarks',
>and all pgf format to 'Tags'
>When generating the pdf some links did not work, it seems that only
>links to pgf formats that are included in the PDFSetup>Bookmarks are
>active in the pdf, other are not...
>I tried to work with elements instead of paragraph formats in the pdf
>setup, but the result is the same.
>Is this a known bug in frame 7.1 ? is there any workaround ?

Starting with FM6.0 (where this feature was introduced), if "Generate Named 
Destinations for All Paragraphs" is turned off (PDF Setup, Links tab), 
random links are bad. This is a common cause for internal bad links (within 
the same PDF). PDFs included with the FrameMaker product CD exhibit this 
problem as well, which shows how wide-spread it is (see -- various items).

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