Hi all,

In our user guide we have a customized arrow. To apply it in the user
guide, the writer has to type '}' and then apply a character format to
that character. The Character format uses a customized font which means
that the '}' is transformed into a nice-looking arrow.

When I spell-check, the spell-checker stops at every arrow as the
character is included in the "Space before" field in the Spelling
Checker "Options" dialog. So to avoid this (we have a lot of arrows in
the user guide) I set Languge to "None" for the specific character
format. And this works fine, almost(!).

Now the problem:
When the character with the special character format is positioned first
in a paragraph, the spell-checker does not check the other words in the
paragraph. You get the feeling that if the first character/word in a
paragraph is set to Language=None the whole paragraph is set to
Language=None. Have you seen this before? Anyone have a solution?

I guess you could remove the '}' from the "Space before" field but then
you won't find incorrect usage of '}'

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