DITA 2006 Live internet radio show today!

First hour: 9am-10am (EST)
Topic: What is DITA and why is it such a big deal?
Guests: Susan Carpenter (IBM), Dave Schell (IBM)

Second hour: 10am-11am (EST)
Topic: Getting started with DITA, specialization, and the DITA Toolkit
Guests: Michael Priestley (IBM), Don Day (IBM)

Third hour: 2pm-3pm (EST)
Topic: Alternatives to specialization, advice and lessons learned
Guests: Bernard Aschwanden (Publishing Smarter), France Baril (IXIASOFT)

Fourth hour: 3pm-4pm (EST)
Topic: Authoring tools and DITA, DocBook or DITA?
Guests: Bob Doyle (CMS Review), Norm Walsh (Sun Microsystems)

Listen live: 

Call into the show: 1-866-685-7469
Ask a question via email: radio at mytechnologylawyer.com

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