OK-- this is somewhat OT, but I think you folks will have some good
I've (today) been tasked with developing a new system for developing,
maintaining, and delivering the Functional Specification.
Below are the broad outlines of the requirements.
I'm not sure at this point whether I should be looking at a CMS, a
database system, Subversion, XML, or ?????

I am completely open to all suggestions.
Also, if someone has done this before -- I'd *really* like to pick your




*       Windows XP platform 
*       For Functional Specifications only 
*       Easy to maintain 
*       Transparent to End Users (Company employees)  -- very shallow
learning curve 
*       Ability to target documents against specific development
entities, but also to create a "global" document 
*       Draw on a single codebase to produce all documents 
*       Set of documents covering individual Core functionalities 
*       Set of documents covering individual Product functionalities
(includes Core) 
*       Set of documents covering individual Specialization
functionalities (includes Core AND Product)

Match Aspects to Proposed Architecture:

*       Core -- Common to all products 
*       Application Layer -- Individual product differentiation (Note:
may override core functions) 
*       Specializations -- "Flavors" of product (e.g. different data
sources for different companies)

Source format:

*       Must use MS Word (2003) as an authoring environment 
*       Possibly OLE links as well to Excel or other apps


*       Author (multiple, concurrent access) Read/Write/Change/Delete 
*       Editor (multiple, concurrent access)  Read/Change/comment 
*       Reviewer (multiple, concurrent access) Read/comment 
*       Viewer (multiple, concurrent access) Read


*       QA 
*       Developer 
*       PM 
*       Other ??? 
*       Internal viewers see list of changes to document (change log) --
these should be obvious 
*       External viewers will not see change record

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