T-Mobile's Customer Service Learning & Development department seeks a
contract editor/desktop publisher proficient in Structured FrameMaker. 

WHAT: Polish Structured FrameMaker documents (improve page layout and do
some copyediting), compile them into books, "filter" them for different
audiences/media with Sourcerer, and publish them in PDF and HTML. 

WHERE: Bellevue, WA

WHEN: Starting March 31 or April 3, duration unknown but likely 1-2

ABOUT YOU: You have a high degree of skill with structured FrameMaker,
and you are a competent editor with a strong command of English grammar.
We will train you on Sourcerer.

ABOUT US: A team of instructional designers, editors, and desktop
publishers. We have staff in house who are well versed in Structured
FrameMaker and can support you as you get up to speed with our

Interested? Please e-mail a resume and brief cover letter to
eileen.anderson at t-mobile.com. 

- Eileen Anderson
Manager of Curriculum Editing & Desktop Publishing
T-Mobile Customer Service Learning & Development
eileen.anderson at t-mobile.com

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