Thank you all for your follow-ups to yesterday's questions. I am really
excited about the willingness to provide me feedback. I obtained a book
called "XML and Frame" and it really pointed me a the right direction. I
will also dig a little deeper into the company wallet and purchased
"Building an EDD" book from Scriptorium.

Here is my progress with my experiment and a few of the questions that I
have, at this point.

1. One of our line of business applications will produce XML from a
button click. I have been told from a buddy of mine that is handling
that end of the experiment that he can make the XML look like whatever I

2. When that XML stream is created, I want to automate the
following...XML > FRAMEMAKER > PDF > EMAIL

3. Currently the data is being inserted into a Word document via VB
Script and emailed to the individual requester whose email is tied to
their login in to the system. All I am interested in at this point are
the tools that I need to automate the process.

4. So far I have a XML sample that I can successfully structure...and
hopefully by the end of the day I will figure out how to automate that.

Question #1
 Do you have to have a DTD to automate, or to create an XML application
in Framemaker? Is a EDD only ideal for importing XML? Are they really
the same thing, such that, when you are using Frame, you just "pick
one"...or do they have specific uses?

Question #2
Do I need some type of Adobe Frame server technology to pull this off?
If so, is it expensive? Can I get away with a SDK?

Question #3
Can someone offer me the methodology behind getting something from Frame
into PDF and then email?

Thanks guys I am really excited to proceed with this. I think I am
quickly becoming addicted to the technology.

Kevin "The Newbie"

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