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>    If you are moving XML documents into FrameMaker,
> or structured 
> FrameMaker documents to XML, you almost always need
> a DTD.
Based on the "newbie's" description of what he's
trying to do, I concluded that he's querying a
database, and the query result is output as tagged
XML. In other words, this is a database publishing
application in which the query itself defines the
schema, and the database management system itself
inserts the proper XML tags in the delivered query
output. Hence, if that is the actual case, there is no
need for a separate DTD. Aa EDD would suffice. There
isn't even a need for a top-level element to be
included as the first element in the query output.
Instead, the EDD defines the top-level element, and
after the data is imported into Frame, all of the
resulting content is wrapped in the EDD-defined
top-level element. 

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