HomeSite is a very nice HTML editor, but the resemblance to 
DreamWeaver is basically non-existent. HomeSite was originally
written by a newspaper copy editor in his spare time, and was
subsequently sold to a small software company that was bought
by a bigger software company (Allaire) who sold off part of their
product line to a company more involved in the web development
market (Macromedia), who were then bought by a bigger company
(Adobe). HomeSite was a well-developed product before it ever 
came under the same umbrella as DreamWeaver.

If the question had been how to convert FrameMaker files to HTML,
Mif2go would clearly have been the right answer because it 
understands the FrameMaker document and book paradigm. 
If you're starting with plain text that you just need to tag, HomeSite 
is an excellent choice. But it is hardly "a scaled-down version of 

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Mif2go is $300. Macromedia Homesite (a scaled-down version of
DreamWeaver) is $30 for the upgrade and $99 for the complete package. I
have an old version of it so my company went for the $30 solution rather
than the $300 one.

I use DreamWeaver to design my small business website
( so I am very familiar with it and HTML code so I
think I'll do fine with Homesite. It's for converting text files to HTML
to go in a software app, not online.


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