Hi Gillian,

You have saved some money, but you no longer have a single-source solution, 
so you will likely pay more (at least in time) in the long run. With Mif2Go 
you workflow is like this:

1) Make edits in FrameMaker.
2) Save to finished HTML using Mif2Go.

With Homesite, you will

1) Make edits in FrameMaker.
2) Save as HMTL with FrameMaker.
3) Import the HTML into Homesite.
4) Clean up the HTML in Homesite.

Now you have two source documents, the FrameMaker file and the HTML file. 
And if you spend significant time on steps 3 and 4 each time you make edits 
to the FrameMaker documents, your "savings" will quickly disappear.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Mif2go is $300. Macromedia Homesite (a scaled-down version of
DreamWeaver) is $30 for the upgrade and $99 for the complete package. I
have an old version of it so my company went for the $30 solution rather
than the $300 one.

I use DreamWeaver to design my small business website
(www.sammyshemp.com) so I am very familiar with it and HTML code so I
think I'll do fine with Homesite. It's for converting text files to HTML
to go in a software app, not online.


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