I recently needed to show actual key caps in some documentation.  After a 
plea on austechwriters and googling around, I was able to find three 
keycaps fonts, one shareware and not very aesthetic, and two of unknown 
provenance, probably copyright.  But they all exhibit the same baffling 
behaviour, so I'll just use one for the following examples.

If Character Map is set to the keycaps font and I select the characters 
corresponding to A B C a b and c , I get the A B C Alt Return and CapsLock 
key caps in the 
Characters To Copy box.  Copying these characters from Character Map and 
_pasting_ into FrameMaker retains these characters.  But, if I create a 
character or paragraph format set to use the keycaps font, and then _type_ 
A B C a b and c , I get A B C A B and C, except that the second lot of 
caps are slightly smaller, like small capitals.  Re-applying the keycaps 
character and paragraph formats makes no difference -- the a b c 
characters stay stubbornly alphabetic and do not display as Alt Return and 

What is the reason for this odd behaviour and can anyone suggest a 
workaround other than copying from Character Map?  Can anybody direct me 
to other keycaps fonts that behave correctly in FrameMaker**, preferably 
freeware  (but I am prepared to pay a modest price out of my own pocket, 
even though it's my employers job).


** But Wordpad, Microsoft Word, and Writer display the 
correct characters when the paragraph or character format applies the 
keycaps font.  So can someone at Adobe tell me why FrameMaker won't handle 
these fonts correctly as displayed in Character Map and in the font viewer 
when you double-click the font file in the Windows Font folder?

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