> I recently needed to show actual key caps in some documentation.
> [...] I was able to  find three keycaps fonts,
> If Character Map is set to the keycaps font and I select the
> characters corresponding to A B C a b and c , I get the A B C Alt
> Return and CapsLock key caps in the Characters To Copy box.  Copying
> these characters from Character Map and _pasting_ into FrameMaker
> retains these characters.  But, if I create a character or paragraph
> format set to use the keycaps font, and then _type_ A B C a b and c
> , I get A B C A B and C, except that the second lot of caps are
> slightly smaller, like small capitals.

 Er ... blush! Apologies to Mr and Mrs Adobe. I created both the keycaps 
character format and para format by using the New Format command in the 
designers to create formats that inherited most of their properties from 
the currently selected format. But I was asleep at the wheel and did not 
notice that both of those formats specified Small Caps. So FrameMaker did 
what it normally does for small caps -- map to the uppercase characters, 
then reduce their size. I didn't even notice the clue that was staring me 
in the face: "... except that the second lot of caps are slightly smaller, 
like small capitals".  Many grovelling apologies to whoever needs some at 
the moment.


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