I'm sure someone out there can explain this one to me. This is just
an oddity I stumbled upon and
would like to know why this is happening. Here are the steps you can take to
duplicate what I'm seeing:

    1. Create a table with a Heading row and a Footing row.
      2. Open table designer and select the Shading tab.
      3. In the Heading and Footing Shading drop-down boxes, set fill
      to None and color to blue (any color but white will do).
      4. Create a table tag for this table and click Update All.
      5. Insert a new table using the newly created table tag. Notice
      that the new table has no fill color for the heading and footing row.

Now, go through this same process, but instead of setting fill to None, set
fill to 100%. The table "looks" the same as before,
but now if you insert a new table with the newly created table tag, the
heading and footing row are colored. What is the purpose
of the None setting if it doesn't really get saved in the Table Tag

Thanks in advance,


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