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>BMPs are an interim step. They are used by Mif2Go to create the
>images imbedded in the Word files. They are not used in any of the

Right.  For Word RTF, the only way to put in an image
that you can scale (to match the size in Frame) is to
embed it as a WMF.  Bitmaps in WMFs are very similar
to BMPs, so it's the best format to start with.

>It's a recommended practice with Mif2Go. I'm sure that Jeremy will be
>checking in on this any moment to either confirm what I say (and say
>it better), or tell me why what I'm doing is not the best way.

It *is* the best way, when you want properly scaled
images in Word at the best resolution.  Mif2Go can
make the BMPs for itself from other formats, but it
uses Frame's graphic export filters to do that, and
those filters are limited to screen resolution.  That's
fine for docs only viewed on screen, but looks poor
when printed.  Preconverting preserves the original
resolution.  It also lets us include any callouts or
other Frame additions as vector elements in the WMF.

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