Sorry folks, don't need any hints.

Found the archives in the strangest of places. First one goes to ones
Account Homepage (which is unadorned in my case) and on the left are a
series of link options. Click on "Modify your list subscription" and there
at the top is the link.

My best to all

~ D.S.

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I'll soon go back to my day job and won't be able to sort through 30 e-mails
from all you wonderful chaps every day of the week. During such times I must
put myself off the frameusers list.

*But I don't want to miss anything!* A while back I discovered the archives
on the website. But subsequently, I haven't been able to access them. I get
some page error. When I shunt the address, I get sent to some Tech Writers
commercial web site.

Are the archives still up and available? Do I need to be logged into my
editing status to access them?

Any hints would generate my undying gratitude.

~ Don Spencer

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