Im talking about graphs where both the horizontal
and/or vertical axes have a linear array of marked
values, and the axis lines extend across the graphic.
In other words, the background of the graphic looks
like a FrameMaker table in which , consisting of rows
and columns in which all columns are of equal width,
and all rows are of equal height, using the minimum
row height setting in the Row Format dialog. All table
cells are empty. Here's the procedure:

1. Create a new document in which the right master
page has a text frame of the desired width and height.
and super-impose on top of that text frame a
background text frame, and create the table (as
described above) in that background text frame. Be
sure to include an extra appropriately sized column on
the left side of the table. This column should
straddle all rows, and be wide enough to later label
the title of the vertical axis, as well as space to
put in tick-marks and numbers for each horizontal line
in the table. Similarly, create a straddled row at the
bottom of the table high enough to later enter the
title of the horizontal axis, as well as space to put
in tic-marks and numbers for each vertical line in the

2. When you are finished creating the empty table,
send the bacground text frame to the back.

3. Go to page 1 of the new document. The table you
created in step 1 appears. 

4. First, you use the FrameMaker text and line-drawing
tools to enter the titles, numbers and tic-marks for
the harizontal and vertical axes in the the column
with straddled rows, and and the row with the
straddled columns3. 

5. Next, use the drawing tool dwaring tools (curve,
polyline, or whatever else0 to draw the graph lines.
and smooth or reshape them as needed.

6. Save the 1-page FrameMaker document as a PDF with
an appropriate filename.

7. In Acrobat, open the PDF produced in step 6, and
use the Acrobat crop tool to crop the page to the size
of the graphic image. and then re-save it.

8. Within any document where you want the graph to
appear, import the PDF produced in step 7 by reference
or copy, as appropriate.  

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