I have been watching this thread with not a little interest.

This sounds like the West Street Consulting plug-in "InsetPlus" would be
the tool of choice. Wouldn't hurt to take a look at it.


And the price is right, free.

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Follow up?

All my insets are currently unstructured FrameMaker files. The
conversion would leave them as structured FrameMaker files, I suppose.
If so, that means that when I export the container file as XML all the
insets would be included within the XML.

TO get separate XML files on export, then after I convert all the insets
and container files to SFM, I need to export all the insets to XML and
then open the container files and redo each inset specifying the XML
file instead of the FM file. Then when I export the container file as
XML, all the XML insets remain separate XML files. Is that right?

So in terms of the "Source-code control" aspects of a content management
system, which files are the source files, the FM files or the XML files?
You can easily make either one from the other. Does it matter?



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At 08:30 AM 5/8/2006, Jim Light wrote:
>I need to create a conversion table to convert a non-structured
>to SFM. ... How does the conversion mechanism deal with insets?

   Since text insets remain text insets when a document is structured,
conversion table cannot change the imported content. In particular, it 
cannot specify an assignment of elements within them. It can wrap a new 
element around them. Use the code TI: in the first column of the
table to specify text insets.

>My second question is: When I save a structured file as XML, if the
>contains a text inset, is this reference saved as a reference in the
>file or is the content of the inset sucked into the XML file (or do I
>have a choice)?

That depends on the type of text inset. An XML text inset is saved as an

entity reference; other text insets are converted to text on export.


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