At 14:21 -0400 12/5/06, Bernard Aschwanden wrote:

>Just thought I would let everyone on the list know that Adobe had a noticeable 
>presence at the STC conference in Vegas. The biggest topics that they 
>discussed included Acrobat 3D, RoboHelp and FrameMaker.

This is good to hear, but a sad contrast, afaik, with what happens in the UK. 
Here it is CS2, CS2, CS2. I am trying to do my bit of banner-carrying by taking 
over editorship of a series of articles in 'Communicator', the ISTC's quarterly 
journal: FrameMaker needs as much exposure as it can get, whatever platform it 
happens to run on. (The ISTC is the UK's closest equivalent to the STC.)

I was recently at IPEX, the quadrennial (? - every four years, anyway) show for 
the printing and publishing industries. Apple and Adobe had stands - perhaps 
blessedly separated by the Sun stand. No mention of FrameMaker from Adobe, as 
usual, although the guys on the stand were somewhat amused by my 'FrameMaker 
for OS X' T-shirt. They were, however, interested in FrameMaker, some had 
worked on or with it, and were happy to talk about it.

To be fair, IPEX is not geared towards the tech writing world either, but I 
suspect that a lot of the attendees were heavily involved in the sort of 
corporate publications at which FrameMaker can shine.

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