Given Adobe's historical 18-month release cycle, I would be surprised to 
see a new FrameMaker release within a couple of months. (I believe 
FrameMaker 7.2 shipped in September 2005). Pleasantly surprised, of course.

The Creative Suite is somewhat closer to the end of an 18 month cycle 
(April 2005), and Acrobat 7 has been out even longer. Given the 
propensity of even internal Adobe folks to confuse products like 
"PageMaker" and "FrameMaker", I might speculate that the source was 
mis-informed. Only Adobe knows for certain, however.


Diane Gaskill wrote:
> I've heard from a reliable source inside Adobe that it could be out within a
> couple of months.
> Diane
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> Hi all,
> Anyone have a clue as to Adobe's plans for the next major release of
> FrameMaker? I'm trying to convince my boss to upgrade us to 7.2 from 7.1
> (ooohh...multiple undos!), but he wants to know first if a major upgrade
> is around the corner. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Neil

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