Well, since I brought it up, I'll start...

I stay on top of technology and trends and apply what makes sense in
my daily work. What I can't apply at work, I keep on top of at home. I
started out a technophobe in college, and now I've got my hands inside
a .NET SDK and am fixing nightly build issues, all while still writing
everything from end-user GUI docs to developer references. I also have
a strong interest and insight, directly or indirectly, into
localization and internationalization, quality assurance, usability,
project management, people management, development, marketing, and
client relations.

You need to keep moving. Ever see what happens to a stagnant pond?

On 5/16/06, Anne Robotti <arobotti at journalregister.com> wrote:
> > It's a big puzzle, and one for which there is no easy solution.
> > However, that doesn't mean it's "our" place to sit around and
> > mope about it. What is everyone doing to remain marketable in
> > this changing economic and commercial landscape?
> This, to me, is worth going a little off topic for a discussion.
> I'm interested in the answers.

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