I've got some text that I need to cross-reference in a TOC, but I don't want 
it to print in the document where it resides. I've been hiding it in the 
margin, with font color white. Of course, there I times that I do want to 
view the text for editing, and I have to change the color of the text to 
something visible for those times I need to read it.

But I just noticed that you can define a color and set its definition  to 
"Print As: Don't Print." It sounds perfect! I could assign a color to this 
text that I could see, but it wouldn't show up in PDFs-- or so I thought. I 
created a color called "NoPrint" and assigned it as follows:

Color Definition: NoPrint
    Print As: Don't Print
    Model: CMYK
    C: 0
    M: 60
    Y: 80
    K: 0
    Overprint: Knock Out

Despite being set to "Don't Print," when I print to PDF, the text shows up 
in PDFs and prints from the PDF, too. Aargh! How can I make non-printing 
text NOT print? Anyone else have this problem?

Mike Wickham
FrameMaker 7.1p116
Windows XP Pro SP2 and all updates
Acrobat Professional 7.0.7

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