> The "Don't Print" setting in a color definition specifically relates
> to printing color separations from FrameMaker. Colors defined as
> "Don't Print" do not appear on any printed plate when printing
> to color plates, but will print otherwise.
> You can suppress specific colors from being displayed and printed
> can be done through "Color Views", but this will requires toggling
> from one view to another to show/hide the specific colors
> (eg view #6 shows all colors, view #1 hides the 'NoPrint' color).

Thanks, Shlomo. I didn't realize that "Don't Print" only relates to printing 
color separations. Using Color Views is a good workaround.

> White text, although invisible on a white background, is carried
> over to the PS/PDF output. It is searchable, spoken and could even
> be displayed -- see http://www.microtype.com/Hmmms.html#0412
> for additional discussion and examples

I knew about the possible downside of using hidden text, but a hidden 
cross-reference was part of the only solution I could think of to make Part 
Titles ripple forward for use in chapter page headers. The <$volnum> system 
variable picks up the part numbers easily enough, but not the part titles.

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