There is no comm prob at all between me and my contact, and my contact is
repeating something they heard inside Adobe.  No matter what anyone says, my
contact is reliable.  But the original source of the information, which was
not revealed to me, is apparently not.

OKAY FOLKS, the horse is dead already.  Continuing this thread is a waste of
the list bandwidth as well as mine, and I'll not reply to any more messages
on the subject, on or off list.


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> According to the developer who gave me the info, this
> is not a rumor.  Hmmm. It sounds like there are some
> communications problems within Adobe.

The communication problem is not within Adobe...the problems is
between the two of you and your contacts, none of which speak for
Adobe. Adobe has not communicated anything, so there is no
communication problem. Right now, all the two of you have is rumors,
and there is ALWAYS a communication problm with rumors.

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