> how are they ever going to be able to buy American (or Danish, for
> that matter) products and services? Only by sharing our wealth (and
> jobs - even if it hurts) can we all survive and thrive in the long
> run.

Niels...a point from both sides...

- If you can't get through the short run, the long run doesn't
matter. You're looking at it from the perspective of the collective.
Others are looking at it from the perspective of paying their gas and
oil bill for the next 90 days and making their kid's tuition payment
on the coming first of the month.

- Accept that a position should go to the best value, which is a
balance between cost and quality. Then get whatever training you need
to tip the balance in favor of quality; if not for your current
employer, one that allows you to make the transition as quick as possible.

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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