Hi, Linda.

Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
> There is another way to make these work. You can put a hypertext marker over
> the cross reference, and the link will work in the PDF.

Will that work with cross-references in text in imported documents (imported
by reference, not copied into the document) too?

BTW, I call these imports "text insets", although I am not sure if that is
what people mean by this term (in all the Framers List stuff I have seen so


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> Hi, all.
> I hope this issue has an obvious answer. Here is the context:
> 1. I am using FrameMaker 7.2p158 on a Windows PC and Acrobat 7.0.7
> Professional.
> 2. My FrameMaker book has text insets (relevance will become clear in a
> moment).
> 3. I use cross-references to header paragraphs, tables and other sections
> of my book.
> 4. I use the "Save Book as PDF" menu item to generate my PDF file from the
> FrameMaker book.
> Some of the cross-references automatically result in clickable hyper-links
> in the PDF, but some don't!?!
> I have not isolated this to the text insets, although that was my initial
> reaction to the problem.
> Is there any way to force the PDF to contain the links for all such cross-
> references? I would *strongly* prefer not to edit the PDF to add them in
> manually into the PDF - this file is re-generated from FrameMaker too often
> in this document!
> Z

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