Yes, that is precisely why we did this. We (Tammy Van Boening) and I
developed this method to work on docs in her previous job to resolve the
exact issue you mention, xrefs to and from text insets.

You can find details in our supplemental handout here:

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Hi, Linda.

Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
> There is another way to make these work. You can put a hypertext marker
> the cross reference, and the link will work in the PDF.

Will that work with cross-references in text in imported documents (imported
by reference, not copied into the document) too?

BTW, I call these imports "text insets", although I am not sure if that is
what people mean by this term (in all the Framers List stuff I have seen so


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> Hi, all.
> I hope this issue has an obvious answer. Here is the context:
> 1. I am using FrameMaker 7.2p158 on a Windows PC and Acrobat 7.0.7
> Professional.
> 2. My FrameMaker book has text insets (relevance will become clear in a
> moment).
> 3. I use cross-references to header paragraphs, tables and other sections
> of my book.
> 4. I use the "Save Book as PDF" menu item to generate my PDF file from the
> FrameMaker book.
> Some of the cross-references automatically result in clickable hyper-links
> in the PDF, but some don't!?!
> I have not isolated this to the text insets, although that was my initial
> reaction to the problem.
> Is there any way to force the PDF to contain the links for all such cross-
> references? I would *strongly* prefer not to edit the PDF to add them in
> manually into the PDF - this file is re-generated from FrameMaker too
> in this document!
> Z

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