At 05:11 -0700 19/5/06, Diane Gaskill wrote:

>The Word autonumbering bug is horrendous to put it nicely.  Bulleted and
>numbered lists are reformatted for you while you sleep (whether you want
>them to be or not).  When you open the doc again, numbers have changed to
>bullets, numeric lists are now alpha lists and start with e instead of 1, or
>if you are lucky and they are still numbered, they start with 430 instead of

I am fortunate in having access to a Word guru and Microsoft MVP who programs 
templates for me on the odd occasions when I have to use Word (which is only 
when the client insists). Apparently the 'spaghetti numbering' bug (and it's 
actually worse than Diane suggests, as it actively resists being fixed) is due 
to a lack of communication between the Bullets and Numbering dialog and the 
underlying  list numbering engine. I am informed that the underlying numbering 
engine is ok, and if you talk to it in VB and avoid the dialogs, it can be made 
to behave.

But this is going off topic for this group.

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