Hi Mary...

I'm sure there are others with first hand experience on this move .. but 
regarding plugins, you can review the list of all (currently 96) known 
(to me) FM plugins using our ToolSearch database at ..


Good luck with the move!


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Mary Haas wrote:
> Hello Framers,
> I will soon be converting my Mac Frame 7 documents to Frame 7 on the 
> PC. My Mac is getting old and the organization wants the jobs on PC. 
> My documents are both published (web-press) from high resolution PDFs 
> and posted on the web as Web-ready PDFs. With no other help available 
> to me, I am seeking advice from the Frameuser group.
> Big issues:
> Operating system:  Looks like I might be getting Genuine Windows XP 
> Professional, SP2, with Media XPP2E. Will this system work with Frame 
> 7.0 (already purchased)? Any known problems?
> Fonts: On the Mac I use only Adobe Postscript fonts (most often 
> Helvetica family) and have never had any problems.  What kind of fonts 
> should I buy for the PC that will always be reliable and problem-free 
> for printing and web? Font technology has changed since my Mac fonts 
> were purchased and my knowledge is not up-to-date.
> Acrobat issues:  I currently use Acrobat 5 on the Mac. Are there 
> issues with newer Acrobat versions, and which version will work with 
> Frame 7.0 on PC?
> Plug-ins:  I don't have any plugs-ins or other helpful software and 
> would like information about the most useful.
> I would like to make this transfer as smooth as possible and would 
> greatly appreciate any help that you would like to share - even horror 
> stories. Not wishing to clog up the Frame list, you may respond to my 
> e-mail address on these issues.  Please use the subject line Need Help 
> Mac to PC. Thanks for helping.
> Mary Haas

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