Framemaker 7.1, Windows XP, Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

In my Framemaker source files, I have the following tags set to appear in 
my TOC: ChapTitle, SecTitle, Head1, Head2, Head3, and Head4. All tags 
appear as expected with the proper indentations, in the proper order,  and 
with all links working in the TOC. Only one chapter (Chapter 7) uses the 
SecTitle tag; however, as noted, it appears as expected in the TOC with 
the proper numbering (SecID), in the proper order, and the links from 
SecTitleTOC work just fine.  When I generate my PDF from this file, 
however, this is a different story.

I do have the following:

Printer: Adobe PDF
Under PDF Setup, I have Generate Bookmarks checked. In the Include 
Paragraphs, I do have these tags:  ChapTitle, SecTitle, Head1, Head2, 
Head3, and Head4 and I have Include Paragraphs Tags in bookmark text 
selected (for troublshooting purposes). I also have Create Named 
Destinations Set under Links and I have confirmed that the chapter-level 
PDF settings are the same as the book.

When I generate the PDF from the FM source file, I get the bookmark for 
ChapTitle for Chap 7 appearing; however, the other bookmarks that should 
appear underneath (SecTitle, Head1, etc.) are appearing underneath Chapter 
6  - In other words, the top level SecTitles (with all of the Head1, Head2 
below collapsed) are appearing in order, but as the last tags beneath 
Chapter 6. 

Like I said, Chap 7 is the chapter that uses the SecTitle paragraph, so 
why are these bookmarks being placed under Chapter 6?



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