LOL! I will try squinting. To answer several questions:

1.) Nope, SecTitle is not in a separate text flow.
2.) Yep, the TOC in my Framemaker source book generates just as expected 
with the SecTitles in the proper order under Chapter 7.
3.) Yep, I have tried regenerating my book after solving the numbering 
problem and nope, same results - the tags are stuck as the last tags under 
Chapter 6.
4.) Yep, I have tried the suggestion of nested numbering with zero-ing out 
placeholders and nope, still doesn't put the SecTitle bookmarks under 
Chapter 7 in the PDF.

I give!



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Re: PDF Generation question

At 09:55 -0600 23/5/06, Tammy.VanBoening at wrote:

>When I generate the PDF from the FM source file, I get the bookmark for
>ChapTitle for Chap 7 appearing; however, the other bookmarks that should
>appear underneath (SecTitle, Head1, etc.) are appearing underneath 
>6  - In other words, the top level SecTitles (with all of the Head1, 
>below collapsed) are appearing in order, but as the last tags beneath
>Chapter 6.

This has long been a problem with bookmarks generated from FrameMaker 
(since v 5.0 at least). I have long since given up trying to diagnose it, 
and just edit the bookmarks in Acrobat.

I think if you look at it sideways with eyes narrowed, you'd see that it's 
the top level bookmark that is misplaced, not the lower level ones ;-)

I'd also be interested in illumination.

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