The list of paragraph tags to include as PDF bookmarks is stored
both in the book and in each individual file. Specifying additional
tags from the book file's PDF Setup dialog saves the additions 
in each component file as well as in the book file (that's why that
operation is so slow sometimes). But removing tags from the 
list in the book file doesn't always remove the tags in the lists
stored in the individual files. And it is a feature of FrameMaker
that any tags specified in individual files will get picked up in
the bookmarks in addition to the globally selected list.

The bottom line is that you probably need to go into the PDF 
Setup dialog of each individual file to de-select the tags you 
no longer want picked up as bookmarks. 

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In the Frame Print Book dialog, I wanted to set things so one less
paragraph tag to get included in the PDF TOC.  In the PDF Setup for
selected files dialog, Bookmarks tab, I changed the list of tags in the
Include Paragraphs box, thinking that would do it, as per usual.

I noticed that acrobat ignored my change.  The PDF TOC was unchanged.  

So I took out all but one tag, and the PDF TOC upon regeneration was

I have Generate PDF bookmarks checked, as always.

I have never seen this before.

Any ideas?



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