Sorry, I was thinking frame to html help, where frame's toc is ignored.

Now I have it right, and fixing frame's toc fixes the toc in the pdf.  

It's been a long week...


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> The list of paragraph tags to include as PDF bookmarks is stored
> both in the book and in each individual file. Specifying additional
> tags from the book file's PDF Setup dialog saves the additions 
> in each component file as well as in the book file (that's why that
> operation is so slow sometimes). But removing tags from the 
> list in the book file doesn't always remove the tags in the lists
> stored in the individual files. And it is a feature of FrameMaker
> that any tags specified in individual files will get picked up in
> the bookmarks in addition to the globally selected list.
> The bottom line is that you probably need to go into the PDF 
> Setup dialog of each individual file to de-select the tags you 
> no longer want picked up as bookmarks. 
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> In the Frame Print Book dialog, I wanted to set things so one less
> paragraph tag to get included in the PDF TOC.  In the PDF Setup for
> selected files dialog, Bookmarks tab, I changed the list of tags in the
> Include Paragraphs box, thinking that would do it, as per usual.
> I noticed that acrobat ignored my change.  The PDF TOC was unchanged.  
> So I took out all but one tag, and the PDF TOC upon regeneration was
> unchanged.
> I have Generate PDF bookmarks checked, as always.
> I have never seen this before.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
> best,
> Paul
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