Illustrator is mainly for working with vector artwork while Photoshop is 
mainly for working with bitmap artwork. Photoshop is probably more 
appropriate for the work you are doing.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Does anyone in the group have experience with either of these tools? My
writing group is planning to buy either PhotoShop or Illustrator. We
need a tool to edit graphics that have been added to PowerPoint or
MSWord files.

We get PowerPoint slides to edit and clean up for delivery. In places,
artwork has been pasted into the slide, but contains white boxes that
cover bits of the drawing or text. This method doesn't work in grayscale
because the hidden lines or text show up again.

We need a tool that lets us remove text in the graphics where we do not
have the source file.

Are either of these the right tool for this? Which tool would you

Cris Reeser
Sr. Technical Writer

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