Sounds like a smarter use of PowerPoint and Word would be the far more
economical (time *AND* money) solution. I'm not sure which would be
better. Illustrator is geared toward vector illustrations... are these
images you need to clean up vector-based? If not, there's PhotoShop...
but if all you're doing is making slight edits, save your money and
get PaintShop Pro... But more to the point, I'll bet some simple
changes to how these PPTs and DOCs are being made would solve your
problem. $0 for additional software, and 0 additional time spent
cleaning them up.

On 5/26/06, Cris Reeser <cris at> wrote:
> Does anyone in the group have experience with either of these tools? My
> writing group is planning to buy either PhotoShop or Illustrator. We
> need a tool to edit graphics that have been added to PowerPoint or
> MSWord files.

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