Hi Doug,

I started to email you back to say that this is exactly what I've been
doing to no avail, when I noticed one little thing that was *not*
exactly what I've been doing. In step 2, I have been choosing Print >
PDF Setup. 

The interesting thing is that the PDF Setup dialog box looks exactly
like the dialog box that opens when selecting the path you indicated. My
path does not produce the desired results; yours (and Steve's) does.

Seems there is a disconnect here somewhere. You would think that the two
dialog boxes would do exactly the same thing, but apparently, they
don't. I'm sure that someone out there knows the reason why, but I sure

Thanks for the tip!

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Steve's advice worked for me, when I discovered today that certain books
of mine opened on the first page of the last chapter, even though I
Saved them as PDF.


1. Open the FrameMaker book file, and select the first line (the book),
as shown in the following illustration.

2. Choose Format >> Document >> PDF Setup. The PDF Setup for Selected
Files window opens.

3. On the Settings tab, enter 1 in the Open PDF Document On Page field,
then click Set.

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