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>I have been trying to make some sense of this, and now I turn to you.
>Sometimes, following a hyperlink in a Frame doc to another Frame doc
>closes the source doc. If it has been changed, FrameMaker prompts to
>save the doc before it opens the target doc. Cancelling the save
>procedure cancels the hyperlink procedure.
>Why is this, and why doesn't it always happen?

FrameMaker hyperlinks have two variations: goto  and open

The goto variation displays the target document in the current window 
(closing the currently-displayed file); the open variation displays the 
target document in a new window, leaving the current document open.

The goto/open behavior of hypertext markers generated automatically (eg in 
TOC/IX) is controlled through the corresponding flow in the reference page, 
eg: openObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId>

With respect to cross-references, the goto/open behavior is controlled 
internally by the "DViewOnlyXRef" property (accessible through MIF).

If you press the Shift key when activating a link/cross-ref with 
Ctrl-Alt/cross-ref (that is, Ctrl-Alt-Shift-click), the goto... is 
interpreted as an open... action.

Notice that the goto/open variation only applies to links activated in 
FrameMaker, and is not carried over to PDF interactivity (where all 
links/cross-refs  become "goto", more info at ).

Shlomo Perets

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