1. FrameMaker is behaving exactly as it should. When you specify in your
book that all files begin on a Right (or odd) page, then logically, a
Left (or even) page must precede the Right page. You can't go from Odd
to Odd, so FrameMaker inserts the bridging page.

2. Book pagination settings override local document pagination settings.

However, for a screen PDF, the Left-Right pagination may be irrelevant.
So to prevent the automatic addition of blank pages, change the Book
Pagination settings to a Single page layout, start the files on "Next
Available Page" and for "Before Saving and Printing," define "Delete
Empty Pages." The result should be files (chapters) that start on odd or
even pages immediately following the end of the previous file.


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  I created a book having various chapters and applied master pages
having double sided layouts. The first pages of all the chapters are
right sided. 

  The following is the specification, I provided for pagination:
  Double sided, Ist Page side - Right, Before Saving and Printing - Make
Page Count Even.

  While trying to delete the empty pages, I specified:

  Before Saving and Printing - Delete empty pages. But this does not
solve my problem. When I update the cross-references, Index, and TOC,
these empty pages return.

  I am creating a pdf from this book and these empty pages are really a
turn off...


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