The idea is to include the text of your caption at the top of the figure in 
small white, not just the number, and then make your xrefs point to that. That 
should make the text an active link. I haven't tested it, just been following 
this thread with interest.

As for your problems with shifting captions to the top, what you described 
should work, I think. When you make the PDF, do you have "create named 
destinations for all paragraphs" turned on? If not, try that. It's in PDF Setup 
> Links.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Don and Judy" <donandjudy1 at> 1/06/06 09:59 >>>
Dear Framers & Peter G.:

Having returned to a form of my book with the figure captions below the
pictures, I did the following:

1. Created a paragraph tag for the top of the pictures which contains a new
numbering system. (To do this, one more place holder, < >, had to be
inserted into the existing numbering system in each para tag.) The numbers
match the numbers of the visible tags below the pictures, but are white and
2 pt.

2. I then went to each reference to a figure (Search Any Cross Reference,
click, click, click . . . ) and changed the reference to Text. Then beside
said reference, I inserted a reference to the figure's crown tag.

This seems to work fine in the PDF except for one problem. When the reader
puts his cursor over the figure reference, nothing happens. He must instead
move it to the right of the figure ref to get that little linking hand icon.
This would require some explanation.
Better to go back to putting all the captions above the pictures.

I am suspicious that I've missed something in translation. Is there meant to
be a ricochet so that one clicks the caption cross ref which kicks to the
caption under the picture, which kicks to the invisible reference atop the

Insanity lurks.

~ Don Spencer

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