Usability... no clue on that one. But all you need to do is create
additional master pages using a landscape layout and then apply the
master pages to the necessary body pages. You certainly don't need to
insert files or use separate templates to do this.

On 11/2/06, Rene Stephenson <rinnie1 at> wrote:

>   Not too long ago, there was some discussion about having a landscape page 
> in a book of otherwise portrait pages. The concensus seemed to be that 
> although it can be done by inserting a separate file for the landscape pages 
> and adjusting the page numbering settings accordingly, it doesn't fit good 
> usability models. My gut tells me it's a proverbial Pandora's box.
>   Well, now we've got the same issue: someone says a secondary audience 
> (internal) for the doc in question want to see all the alarm info in one big 
> landscape table, rather than chunked in ways that facilitate presenting on a 
> portrait page. Our primary audience is external customers. And the "someone" 
> is a Word user who likes to "cowboy" the formatting, regardless of what's in 
> the templates. So, before I spend the time to develop a landscape template 
> and train the writers on when it's OK to use it and how to make it function, 
> could someone please tell me where I could find some sound usability studies 
> that weigh in on either side of this issue?

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