Usability: I tend to agree with your idea about staying with the portrait 
pages, just so that it will be easier for the user. Who wants to turn a book 
sideways?  But if you must... go for the landscape.

  On the other hand, here is what I did in Word last year for a similar 
  Made a section break, inserted a landscape page, made a new section break. 
  It actually held together, the hassle was the header and footer. 
  It sounds like the process Bill Swallow suggested is the equivalent and 
easier to handle than making separate files, etc. 

  Good luck, and please let us know how it worked out. 
  Susan Curtzwiler

Bill Swallow <techcommdood at> wrote:
  Usability... no clue on that one. But all you need to do is create
additional master pages using a landscape layout and then apply the
master pages to the necessary body pages. You certainly don't need to
insert files or use separate templates to do this.

On 11/2/06, Rene Stephenson wrote:

> Not too long ago, there was some discussion about having a landscape page in 
> a book of otherwise portrait pages. The concensus seemed to be that although 
> it can be done by inserting a separate file for the landscape pages and 
> adjusting the page numbering settings accordingly, it doesn't fit good 
> usability models. My gut tells me it's a proverbial Pandora's box.
> Well, now we've got the same issue: someone says a secondary audience 
> (internal) for the doc in question want to see all the alarm info in one big 
> landscape table, rather than chunked in ways that facilitate presenting on a 
> portrait page. Our primary audience is external customers. And the "someone" 
> is a Word user who likes to "cowboy" the formatting, regardless of what's in 
> the templates. So, before I spend the time to develop a landscape template 
> and train the writers on when it's OK to use it and how to make it function, 
> could someone please tell me where I could find some sound usability studies 
> that weigh in on either side of this issue?

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