NOTE: FrameMaker and XML consulting/training are included in the
services listed below.

ENLASO ( Announces New Consulting & Training Solutions
Division Thursday November 2, 8:03 am ET

BOULDER, CO--(MARKET WIRE)--Nov 2, 2006 -- ENLASO (, a
leading provider of enterprise language solutions, today announced the
creation of a Consulting and Training Solutions Division. Services from
the new division will range from XML consulting, localization
engineering consulting, documentation conversion to FrameMaker, and
optimization and training in several disciplines. ENLASO has promoted
Maxwell Hoffmann to Manager of Consulting and Training Solutions.

"Max has amassed an amazing amount of technical expertise specific to
localization in publishing and content structure during his nine years
here," states Yves Lang, ENLASO's Vice President, Sales & Marketing and

"Now he can share his 20+ years of tech pubs expertise with a broader
audience and exceed customer needs by leveraging the talent of several
industry veterans we have on staff."

"Our goal is to make our customers as self-sufficient as possible, so
they can submit optimal content for localization and avoid any
unnecessary costs," adds John Watkins, ENLASO President and COO. "This
division combines best-of-breed XML, publishing, engineering consulting
and training to help customers reap optimal results in localization."

"We have quietly provided these services for years to customers on a
'demand' basis," says Maxwell Hoffmann. "Over time, our engineers have
developed many impressive solutions that need to reach a broader

Past projects range from unique FrameMaker plug-ins that automate
publishing multi-lingual projects to processes for migrating 500-plus
page catalogs from PageMaker to FrameMaker.

Consulting services also include XML consulting by Yves Savourel,
ENLASO's Localization Solutions Architect and author of "XML
Internationalization and Localization." Script automation and FrameMaker
plug-in development is provided by Localization/Development Engineer
Doug Pearson.

Localization engineering process consulting is provided by several
experienced engineers and uncovers potential obstacles in code
development that can impede the localization process. ENLASO customers
can benefit from expert advice that ranges from choosing the right
character encoding to implementing localization-friendly string storage
and delivery systems.

Training Services will include paid Web Seminars, the first of which
will be "Preparing Legacy Documents for Conversion to FrameMaker."
Custom training based on the customer's workload will be provided on a
request basis. "Over the years, I have learned that one of the most
effective ways to master a solution is to have hands-on training in the
context of your own content or data," says Hoffmann, who has trained
over 1,500 customers and sales professionals. "Whether the training
objective is engineering, project management or publishing, critical
core issues specific to localization must be covered to achieve
meaningful results," he adds.

ENLASO works with all major XML and DTP software solutions, but over 75%
of its customers' technical documentation content is created in
FrameMaker. As a result of this unusually high FrameMaker expertise,
ENLASO has developed a number of unique plug-ins to enhance FrameMaker's
capabilities. Plug-in solutions range from localizing a "single source"
template for all target languages to automation of generated TOCs and
Indices in structured FrameMaker.

"Our FrameMaker plug-ins are customer and project specific," states
developer Doug Pearson, "and contrast with off-the-shelf solutions in
that we customize FrameMaker to match the customer's precise workload.
Because we have a large library of existing code, we can modify plug-ins
to suit nearly any customer's workload with minimal effort."

ENLASO has updated its Web site to describe consulting and training
offerings. Information may be obtained at

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