No, it doesn't. It claims it does, but it doesn't.

Here's the following from Dov...

Documents "enabled" with Acrobat 8 Professional (NOT
any version of Acrobat 7) can be digitally signed by
users of either Reader 7 or Reader 8.

Thus, you need Acrobat 8 Professional for the document
creator and still only need Reader 7 for the colleagues
who need to sign the documents (not that Reader 8 is
a problem or doesn't have some new features - but it 
isn't needed for signatures if they already have Reader 7).

        - Dov 

Thank you,

Gillian Flato

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Acrobat 7 and Reader 7 both support digital signatures...
What are you trying to do that it doesn't support?


On 11/6/06, Gillian Flato <gflato at> wrote:
> The powers-that-be are fed-up with Adobe Acrobat right now since 7.0
> supposed to enable digital signatures. They are looking at Microsoft
> InfoPath 2007. Has anyone tried that? What was the result? Can you do
> digital signatures?
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