Hi Framers,

Using FM 7.2 and Distiller 7.0 to create pdf for print.
I have some trouble trying to figure out how to cope with the "convert to RGB" 
problem with FrameMaker.
When I generate pdf files from FrameMaker, some of the colors are converted to 
If I select the Distiller option "Convert all colors to CMYK" I avoid the RGB, 
but the colors are not defined the way they were in FM. For example, my black 
text is 
C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100% in FrameMaker, but 
C=74.9%, M=67.8%, Y=67.1% and K=90.2% in the pdf file.

I know there are also tools that can convert to CMYK after creating the pdf 
file, but I would really prefer it if the Distiller could take care of it...

Does anyone know how to keep the original CMYK values in the pdf output? I'm 
pulling my hair out....

Thanks in advance!

Christiane Crety
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