At 11:52 +0100 8/11/06, Aronsson, Martin wrote:

>I assume you use Windows and that you print your Framemaker-book to PostScript 
>via an installed PostScript printer.

As a side-line to all this nightmarish-sounding stuff, does anyone know whether 
the new WCS color output machinery in Vista supports CMYK properly? I have read 
the white paper, but I'm not much wiser.


Amongst a lot else, this says 'As in Microsoft Windows XP, most basic 
color-rendering scenarios are still governed by the 8-bit-per-channel sRGB 
color space. But for specialized applications that can handle richer content, 
WCS additionally supports 16-bit-per-channel sRGB (IEC 61966-2-1), 16- and 
32-bit-per-channel scRGB (IEC 61966-2-2), and 8- and 16-bit-per-channel CMYK 
(cyan-yellow-magenta-black) color spaces.'

Can we hope that FrameMaker will be one of those 'specialized applications', or 
will it be one of 'most basic color-rendering scenarios'?


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