Hi all,

I have a Frame User Guide that we also convert to HTML help to use in the 
software application. The User Guide includes some 250 illustrations, in PNG 
format. In a significant number of those illustrations, I've used the Frame 
drawing tools (arrows and circles) to point out particular screen elements.

I'm having a couple of problems when creating my HTML help:

1. First of all, the undoctored PNG images (with no arrows, circles) come 
across fine (other than the usual size issues, but I'm just planning on living 
with those... for now it's not worth my time to have two versions of a bunch of 
the images, unless there's a way to specify a conversion for images exceeding a 
particular width?)
2. The images that include the arrows, etc, all get converted to GIF's by 
default. The downside to this a drop in image quality, but I get to keep the 
arrows, etc. If I change to JPG at a quality of 100, I get an improvement, but 
converting to PNG (even at 16 million colors) is worse.
3. An alternative is to manually map the images with the arrows, etc, to 
PNGbyReference, which means that it keeps the original image (in all its 
crispness), but loses the arrows, etc.

What I'd like is the best of both worlds: to have the same quality of my 
original images, but lay the arrows on top. 

Any suggestions? Is there a way to tweak the graphics converter in WebWorks to 
enhance how the conversion is handled?


Kevin Hunter

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