Gillian Flato wrote:

> Is anyone out there using source control with a search engine on top
> it that you can do a keyword search on for keywords in the files and
> not just on file names? The software team here uses Subversion. There
> is a search engine for it called Fisheye that they are looking at, but
> I don't know that you can do a keyword search with it, I think you can
> only search by author, branch, tag and date.


The Fisheye manual says that it indexes file contents by default, so you
can use its EyeQL query language to do full-text searches of your files.

It only indexes the first million words in each file, though, and it
only indexes HEAD revisions... And I don't know whether you can search
for regular expressions or just single words; the documentation isn't
clear on that point.


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