We have run into this on occasion with illustrator images. I double  
checked with my printer and he confirmed the only thing you can do is  
have your printer merge the two colors that you are getting from the  
image onto one plate. Should be routine thing there.
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On Nov 15, 2006, at 9:03 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:

> I hope there is some color expert out that who can help me with this.
> In a book that uses black and one spot color, a Pantone, and which  
> should print as a 2-color process:
> . An image, not created here, that is spot colored, is coming  
> through in PDF or FrameMaker as having some CMYK content (possibly  
> the shading).
> . FrameMaker and Illustrator use different names for the same  
> Pantone, in Illustrator's case, 201U, and in FrameMaker's case,  
> 201CVU. FrameMaker treats these as two separate colors. I can find  
> no common definition of this Pantone in any of the two  
> application's libraries.
> My local print shop tell me that these sorts of things cannot be  
> overridden in a pre-press PDF.
> Has anyone had to handle hassles like this? Is there a way to tell  
> FrameMaker to consider the two colors to be the same thing? Is  
> there a PDF tool that can hit these problems with some sort of big  
> hammer?
> -- 
> Steve
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