Hi All,

  Please bear with me if I'm asking a stupid question - wouldn't be the first 
time...and likely won't be the last. :-\  

  We're using FM 7.2 on Win XP with Acrobat 7.0. We have a paragraph  format in 
FM that uses a character format for the autonumbered item to  create a graphic 
preceding the text. It's for cautionary notices. The  character format uses 
Bullets3.ttf, because that's the only font our  client had available that 
provided a exclamation point inside of a  triangle. The font is on our licensed 
Corel Draw 12 installation CDs,  and we've  got enough licenses. We installed 
the font via Control Panel >  Fonts, File > Install New Fonts.

 To address the issues  with inconsistent display of "non-standard" fonts in 
PDF, we've been  embedding the fonts when we create the PDF. However, it seems 
that the  Bullets3 font doesn't get embedded. The way we've been creating the  
PDFs is by selecting the Adobe PDF printer instance and printing to a  .ps 
file. We've made sure that the several places that have "Do not  send fonts to 
Adobe PDF" are all unchecked. Within Distiller's PDF  settings, we have 
selected to embed all fonts and subset, but Bullets3  doesn't show in any of 
the 3 lists in the Embedding area. 

  This problem is happening on all of our PCs and laptops in the  department, 
so at least if it's something we screwed up, we've been  consistent.  Ha!

 What (if anything) can  we do to get the Bullets3 font to show in the list of 
fonts to embed?  I'm beginning to wonder if this has something to do with a 
years-old  string that I think I remember Dov and others commenting about some  
fonts allowing some things and not others... Any insight would be  greatly 

  Rene Stephenson

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