Two books, one done in FrameMaker 7, the other in FrameMaker 6. Macintosh.

Same printer driver, AdobePS 8.8.0, same Distiller options.

Body font uses default 'Black' color in both books, 100% K process.

In the PDFs, FrameMaker 7.0 book shows body font as 100% K, as expected.

FrameMaker 6 book shows body font as C 75%, M 68%, Y 67%, K 90%.

Why is this? What am I doing wrong? Is this a FrameMaker version thing?

I see from archived mail that at 13:04 -0500 16/5/06, Scott White wrote:

>I have set up a whole-new black called New black, using 100 percent black
>only.  Works great for us and our printers.

This fix works for the FrameMaker 6 issue above. But why should it be necessary?


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